Omron AOI 720

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Omron AOI S720-A

Bj 2014

Best Quality at the Minimum Q Cost!

The VT-S720 is a new concept in AOI. With a revolutionary inspection system, it greatly reduces “inspection costs” that have plagued AOI for some time.
Moreover, by providing content for improving quality, it bolsters and upgrades “defect prevention.” The end result is an industry-first approach to helping users to slash “failure costs” and “optimize their investment in quality.”

Reduction in inspection costs

VT-S720 Features 2

Direct inspection of “fillet features”

Soldering reliability is determined by fillet shape.
The VT-S720 uses new image processing technology to automatically sample fillet topological features. (Patent Pending)

VT-S720 Features 3

Manufacturing that begins with quality

Pass level definition


Features of passing products are input into the inspection machine as required quality levels. (Patent Pending)


VT-S720 Features 5

Process monitoring


Constant monitoring of production makes it possible to spot inspection troubles instantly, giving users a system optimized for improving both productivity and quality.


VT-S720 Features 6

Passing product ascertainment

Inconsistency monitoring

The VT-S720 absorbs inconsistencies in order to stabilize mass-production.

VT-S720 Features 8

Reduced noise impact

Parameters have been optimally set to pick up gradations unperceived by humans, and automatically separate good from bad products.

VT-S720 Features 9

AOI Inspection Coverage Expansion

Oblique cameras

The camera array captures features that cannot be seen square on.

VT-S720 Features 11


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